The CDC’s Strange Case Of Poul Thorsen, MD, PhD, Vaccine Data Manipulator “Extraordinaire”

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A few months ago after reading the book Master Manipulator, I wrote an article about Poul Thorsen, MD, PhD, the Danish medical researcher who produced the ‘premiere safety study’ that vaccines do not cause Autism; however, the study was produced fraudulently, but the CDC still promotes it and has not retracted it from vaccinology research, as science protocol requires.

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One of the questionable studies involved is “A population-based study of measles, mumps, and rubella vaccination and autism” co-authored by Poul Thorsen,  See comment in PubMed Commons below N Engl J Med. 2002 Nov 7;347(19):1477-82.  It’s the study CDC particularly likes to point to regarding vaccines and Autism, and is published online here.  The research was about ethylmercury in Thimerosal attributing to and/or causing Autism.

Poul Thorsen apparently was many things and probably even at cad, at that. He ingratiated himself both personally and professionally with CDC employee, Diana Schendel, PhD, who apparently was able to ‘guide’ his research around the CDC’s Atlanta headquarters.

When the CDC was notified by Thorsen’s Denmark colleagues about inaccuracies regarding CDC grants and funding, further investigation resulted “in 22 federal criminal counts – 13 counts of wire fraud and 9 counts of money laundering,” which never have been acted upon by the USA or CDC.  Thorsen is hiding in plain sight, working and publishing articles in Denmark, with no extradition apparently requested by the CDC!  How strange? “The United States has had an Extradition Treaty with Denmark since the Nixon Administration (1974).” (Pg. 4)

Enter into the story, Attorney Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who has been investigating mercury in vaccines (ethylmercury in the preservative Thimerosal) and mercury elsewhere in the biosphere and medicine.

Mr. Kennedy founded the World Mercury Project, whose

…Mission of the World Mercury Project is to work aggressively to reduce exposure to all sources of mercury, hold accountable those who failed to protect our planet and people from these unnecessary exposures, restore health to those who have been harmed, and to establish necessary safeguards to prevent such tragedies from ever happening again.

Thimerosal is a vaccine preservative that still is in multi-dose flu vaccines and as a residual ingredient in vaccines, since during the manufacturing process, Thimerosal is used but then extracted.  CDC and FDA admit there’s a residual amount in vaccines.

According to this CDC/FDA website:

 For two childhood vaccines, thimerosal is used to prevent the growth of microbes during the manufacturing process. When thimerosal is used this way, it is removed later in the process. Only trace (very tiny) amounts remain. The only childhood vaccines today that have trace amounts of thimerosal are one DTaP and one DTaP-Hib combination vaccine.

Mr. Kennedy even went so far as to post a science challenge regarding thimerosal:  Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Esq., offered a $100,000 reward to any journalist who “can find a peer-reviewed scientific study demonstrating that thimerosal is safe in the amounts contained in vaccines currently being administered to American children and pregnant women.”   Kennedy now, however, is turning his attention to getting Poul Thorsen extradited to the USA to face legal charges.  In order to explain the “Thorsen Saga,” Kennedy engaged Beth Clay to produce an update and report about Thorsen and his legal standing.

I’ve been in contact with Beth and obtained her permission to cite verbatim information she so eloquently put together and about which I thought readers ought to know.  There needs to be a public outcry directed to Congress and the U.S. Attorney General to get the fictitious science surrounding Autism and vaccines mainstreamed as such, plus retracted by HHS/CDC/FDA and other nation states, including the World Health Organization.  Beth’s outstanding report can be found here.

The report is 21 pages plus two pages of Exhibits.  What I’d like to bring to readers’ attention are the following facts:

The U.S. CDC apparently sank $16Million into a vaccine investment fraud in Denmark!

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